An Illustrated and Cross-Referenced Glossary of
Malacological and Conchological Terms

by Paul S. Mikkelsen

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Term Definition

CORD   A thickened round-topped transverse (i.e., spiral) or axial sculptural element.

CORDATE   Shaped like a heart; often applied to shells such as Cardium, Cardita, and Venus; see also: CORDIFORM; SEMICORDATE.

CORDED   Sculptured with cords.

CORDIFORM   Heart shaped, as in the bivalve Corculum cardissa. See also: CORDATE.

MARGIN, DISCORDANT   With margins of closed valves not in exact juxtaposition, but one overlapping the other; example: Anadara; see also: INEQUIVALVE.

RADIAL CORD   [need definition]. See illustration: Composite Bivalve.

SEMICORDATE   Half heart-shaped; see also: CORDATE; CORDIFORM.

SPIRAL CORD   [need definition]. See illustration: Composite Gastropod.

  The abbreviation (acronym) for World Record Size. Such records for maximum size are maintained in the "Registry of World Record Size Shells", by Kim Hutsell, Linda Hutsell and Don Pisor; it is available from San Diego Shell Club in California, USA; Snail's Pace Productions. Earlier versions of a WRS catalog were published by Wagner and Abbott, published by American Malacologists. See also: MICRO; MINI; MINIATURE and the website: WRS Shells. See also: GERONTIC

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