An Illustrated and Cross-Referenced Glossary of
Malacological and Conchological Terms

by Paul S. Mikkelsen

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Term Definition

APERTURAL LIP   The most recently formed margin of the aperture; = PERISTOME; see also: HOLOSTOMATE; SIPHONOSTOMATE; see also: INNER APERTURAL LIP; OUTER APERTURAL LIP.

APERTURAL LIP, INNER   [need definition]. See illustration: Composite Gastropod. See also: APERTURAL LIP; OUTER APERTURAL LIP

APERTURAL LIP, OUTER   [need definition]. See illustration: Composite Gastropod. See also: APERTURAL LIP; INNER APERTURAL LIP.

COLUMELLAR LIP   The part of the inner lip, of a gastropod shell, nearest to the axis of coiling, and comprising the visible part of the COLUMELLA.

ELLIPTICAL   Like an ellipse or flattend oval; see also: ELONGATE ELLIPTICAL.
See other bivalve shapes

ELONGATE ELLIPTICAL   A basically ELLIPTICAL shape that has been elongated; like a flattened oval.
See other bivalve shapes.

LIP   The margin of the aperture; the inner lip (= LABIUM) extends from the foot of the columella to the suture and consists of the columellar lip and the parietal lip. The outer lip (= LABRUM) is that part of the aperture farthest from the axis of coiling; see also: PALATAL; PERISTOME.

LIP, COLUMELLAR   The lower portion of the INNER APERTURAL LIP; see also: LIP, PARIETAL.

LIP, FLARED   [need definition]. In the Strombidae…

LIP, INNER   The portion of the apertural margin of a gastropod shell opposite the outer lip and abutting the earliest portion of the body whorl; = LABIUM; the combination of the COLUMELLAR LIP and the PARIETAL LIP.

LIP, OUTER   The outer, distal, growing or leading edge of a gastropod shell; = LABRUM; = PERISTOME. See illustration: Composite Gastropod. See also: OUTER APERTURAL LIP; PALATAL.

LIP, PARIETAL   The upper portion of the inner APERTURAL LIP, which is attached to the subsequent WHORL.

LIP, REFLECTED   [need definition].

OUTER LIP   [need definition].

OUTER LIP TOOTH   [need definition]. See: LABIAL TOOTH. See illustration: Composite Gastropod.

SLIPPER SHELL   Gastropods of the genus Crepidula where the underside of the shell has the appearance of a slipper. See also: DECK; DIAPHRAGM.

SLIPPER-SHAPED   Resembling a person's slipper, e.g., when viewing an upside-down shell of the genus Crepidula, with the DECK of the shell forming the upper part of the slipper. See other gastropod shapes.

SUBELLIPTICAL   [need definition]. See other bivalve shapes.

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