An Illustrated and Cross-Referenced Glossary of
Malacological and Conchological Terms

by Paul S. Mikkelsen

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ANAL NOTCH   A break in the circumference of the aperature over the spot where the outgoing current leaves the mantle cavity on the right; i.e., a notch in the outer lip where it joins the body whorl (present in mesogastropods, especially in the Turridae [the "TURRID NOTCH"]). See illustration: Composite Gastropod.

BYSSAL NOTCH   Indentation below anterior auricle of right valve in many Pectinacea for passage of the byssus or protrusion of the foot. See illustration: Composite Bivalve. See also: BYSSAL FORAMEN; BYSSAL GAPE; BYSSAL SINUS.

See: Bivalve terminology, Anatomy of bivalves by Marlo Krisberg.

NOTCH   An indentation on the margin of a structure; see also: EMARGINATE; STROMBOID NOTCH; TURRID NOTCH.

SIPHONAL NOTCH   [need definition]... See also: SIPHONOSTOMATE.

STROMBOID NOTCH   A sinuation in the outer lip of shells of the family Strombidae, or a similar situation in other gastropod shells; see also: TURRID NOTCH.
Photo: Strombus raninus Gmelin, 1791
For another labelled photo, see the site: Seashells of New South Wales

TURRID NOTCH   An ANAL NOTCH, or a break in the wall of the outer lip where it joins the BODY WHORL; see also: STROMBOID NOTCH.
Photo: Pyrgocythara plicosa (C.B. Adams, 1850)

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