An Illustrated and Cross-Referenced Glossary of
Malacological and Conchological Terms

by Paul S. Mikkelsen

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Term Definition

TENTACLE (1)   In snails: an elongate sensory structure on the heads of snails; in some groups (e.g., Stylommatophora) it bears an eye at its tip, while in others (e.g., Basommatophora) at the base; see also: CEPHALIC TENTACLE; RHINOPHORE; EYE STALK.

TENTACLE (2)   In squid, one of the 4th pair (dorsal pair = No. 1) of the 5 pair of appendages surrounding the mouth; usually longer than the "ARMS"; (the other 4 pair of appendages) and extensible; see also: HECTOCOTYLUS.

See the detailed web page on tentacle terminology, from the excellent "Cephalopod Glossary" by Richard E. Young, Michael Vecchione, and Katharina M. Mangold.

TENTACLE, CEPHALIC   A tentacle on the head. In gastropods, the anterior pair of tentacles; see also: RHINOPHORE.

TENTACLE, EPIPODIAL   A tentacle on the FOOT, or (in some species) arising from a continuous fold set along the side of the foot, known as the EPIPODIUM.

TENTACLE, LABIAL   = ORAL TENTACLE. See illustration: Composite Nudibranch.

TENTACLE, ORAL   [need definition]. In nudibranchs… ; = LABIAL TENTACLE. See illustration: Composite Nudibranch.

TENTACLE, PALLIAL   A tentacle, in rissoids and some other MESOGASTROPODS, growing from the edge of the mantle skirt on the right side and occasionally also on the left. In turritellids, a whole series of pallial tentacles lies around the entrance to the MANTLE CAVITY.

TENTACLES, METAPODIAL   One of two tentacular outgrowths (in the rissoids, lacunids, nassids, etc.) at the hind end of the FOOT or at the point where the OPERCULUM is attached.

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