An Illustrated and Cross-Referenced Glossary of
Malacological and Conchological Terms

by Paul S. Mikkelsen

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Term Definition

ATTACHED   Refers to shell which are connected to the substrate in some way, perhaps by a byssus (e.g., Mytilus spp.) or by calcareous secretions (e.g., Chama spp. or Spondylus spp.); see: FREE; ATTACHED BIVALVE; RADICATED; REPENT; VALVE, INFERIOR; VALVE, LOWER; ADHERENT; REPENT; PLEUROTHETIC.

BIVALVE, ATTACHED   Bivalves which have cemented themselves to a substrate, e.g., species in genera such as Crassostrea, Ostrea, Spondylus, Chama, Mytilus; see also: ATTACHED; BORING BIVALVES; CEMENTATION; INFERIOR VALVE.

VALVE, ATTACHED   In ATTACHED BIVALVES, the valve which is attached to the substrate; = INFERIOR VALVE; = LOWER VALVE. See also: ATTACHED; UPPER VALVE.

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