An Illustrated and Cross-Referenced Glossary of
Malacological and Conchological Terms

by Paul S. Mikkelsen

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Term Definition

HOLLOW SPINE   A stiff, sharp, sculptural structure, the interior of which is not filled with shell matter. see also: HYOTE SPINE.

HYOTE SPINE   Hollow, tubular, and cylindrical shell outgrowths open distally at their tips as well as on their distal flanks, arising periodically from the thin edges of shell margins of OYSTERS [the tip ends are rounded, ear-shaped openings, typically developed on Hyotissa hyotis (Linne, 1758)].

SHOULDER SPINE   A spine at or above the SHOULDER margin.

SPINE   A more or less slender and elongate projection of a shell, either tapering to a point or spreading out distally into fronds or FOLIATIONS. See illustration: Composite Gastropod and Composite Bivalve. See also: SPINELET; SPLIT SPINE.

SPINE-TUBE   A tapering SPINE having a hollow interior.

SPLIT SPINE   A SPINE with incurled, but not fused margins.

VARICAL SPINE   A sharp projection arising from a VARIX.

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