An Illustrated and Cross-Referenced Glossary of
Malacological and Conchological Terms

by Paul S. Mikkelsen

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Term Definition

PEDIVELIGER   A VELIGER LARVA which has settled out of the PLANKTON and is in the process of METAMORPHOSIS, resorbing the VELUM, etc., and has the ability to crawl about with the aid of its foot. Term coined by Mel Carriker. See also: PLANTIGRADE.

VELIGER   A larval stage of gastropods and bivalves, possessing a shell (the VELICONCH) and enclosed within the EGG CAPSULE or released and free-swimming or a variable period of time; see also: DORATOPSIS; ECHINOSPIRA; PEDIVELIGER; PLANTIGRADE; TROCHOPHORE.
Illustration: Acteocina canaliculata [from: Mikkelsen and Mikkelsen 1984. Veliger 27(2):164-192.]

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