An Illustrated and Cross-Referenced Glossary of
Malacological and Conchological Terms

by Paul S. Mikkelsen

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Term Definition

CHEVRON (GROOVE)   V-shaped furrow on cardinal area in some Arctacea and early Pectinacea, for insertion of the LIGAMENT.

GROOVE   A distinct furrow, depression, channel, or hollow cut occurring on the surface as opposed to a thin, shallow scratch (e.g., a STRIA); see also: FISSURE; SCROBICULATE; SULCATE; SPIRAL GROOVE.
Photo by Marlo F. Krisberg; Nerita fulgurans Gmelin, 1791.

LIGAMENT GROOVE   Narrow depression in CARDINAL AREA for attachment of fibers of the LIGAMENT.

PEDAL GROOVE   A longitudinal groove in the body of a snail that marks the boundary where the TUBERCULATE side wall of the foot joins the smooth ventral sole; see also: SUPRAPEDAL GROOVE.

In the neomeniomorph (Solenogastres) APLACOPHORANS, a longitudinal narrow groove which functions as a foot, beginning anteriorly in a PEDAL PIT. See the WHOI website for a photo by Amelie Scheltema.

PERIOSTRACAL GROOVE   [need definition].

SPIRAL GROOVE   A GROOVE that encircles the spire of a shell. Revolving grooves going in the direction of the turning of the whorls. Coarser than a SPIRAL THREAD.
Photo by Marlo F. Krisberg; Echinolittorina riisei (Mörch, 1876).

SUPRAPEDAL GROOVE   A groove above, and running parallel to, the PEDAL GROOVE in certain snails.

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