An Illustrated and Cross-Referenced Glossary of
Malacological and Conchological Terms

by Paul S. Mikkelsen

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Term Definition

ANAL SIPHON   A tube exiting at the posterior end of the gastropod aperture, through which solid waste matter is voided; in the Typhinae (Muricidae), the anal siphon is housed in a shelly tube.

EXHALANT SIPHON   [need definition]; see also: HYPONOME; INHALANT SIPHON.

INHALANT SIPHON   [need definition]; see also: EXHALANT SIPHON.

SIPHON   A tubular fold of MANTLE tissue, for the passage of water currents, whether INHALENT or EXHALENT in BIVALVES. In SQUID, this is an organ of propulsion.

SIPHONAL AREA   Posterior sector of surface of shell, commonly demarcated anteriorly by an UMBONAL ridge; secreted where mantle edge has openings or is produced to form SIPHONS for passage of respiratory currents.

SIPHONAL BAND   Longitudinal band (one of two) on the surface of some RUDISTS (mainly RADIOLITID) differing in ornament from the rest of the surface and thought by some to have been secreted at part of MANTLE EDGE where respiratory current entered or left the shell.

SIPHONAL CANAL   A complete or incomplete tubular shell extension through which the anterior SIPHON is extended; if protruded, this is called a ROSTRUM; = CAUDAL CANAL; = ANTERIOR CANAL. See illustration: Composite Gastropod. See also: BASAL FOLD; SPOUT.

SIPHONAL FASCIOLE   A ridge formed on the SIPHONAL CANAL, sometimes bearing remnants of previous canals. See illustration: Composite Gastropod.

SIPHONAL NOTCH   [need definition]... See also: SIPHONOSTOMATE.

SIPHONAL RETRACTOR MUSCLE   Muscles serving to withdraw SIPHONS partly or wholly within shell.

SIPHONAL SCAR   The opening or winding sinus in the PALLIAL impression of a bivalve shell, in the place where the animal's siphonal tube passes.

SIPHONAL SINUS   [need definition]; see also: BASAL FASCIOLE.

SIPHONOPLAX   One of the shelly ACCESSORY PLATES in the Pholadacea; a tubular secondary CALCAREOUS structure forming a posterior extension of the shell in some Pholadidae and protecting the proximal end of the SIPHONS; see also: HYPOPLAX; MESOPLAX; METAPLAX.

SIPHONOSTOMATE   Descriptive of a shell with a discontinuous PERISTOME, interrupted anteriorly by a sinus that may be prolonged into a shell siphon, called the SIPHONAL NOTCH or canal; = SIPHONOSTOMATOUS; see also: HOLOSTOMATE.


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